Please note: The duration of hire is 2 weeks maximum. If needed longer, an additional £25 per week will need to be paid. If you are done with your skip within the 2 weeks, please call for collection. All skips will be collected at the end of the 2 week period.
Learn about how we support local charities and the businesses we work with and how we manage our waste disposal
BN Skips proud sponsors of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

BN Skips supports the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

As a Yorkshire based company we are keen to support local charities and any money we raise or charities we sponsor  remains in the area. The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust have reserves across our operating area and are committed to creating and protecting wildlife-rich landscapes and seas. This is very much aligned with what we are striving to achieve as an environmentally conscious, local company.

Its the company’s GREEN credentials that sets it apart from other service providers. BN SKIPS aims to recycle at least 80% of the waste it handles within our own waste transfer station helping to reduce the environmental impact on the wild animals rather than trashing Yorkshire, our waste disposal company is trying to clean it up. This is to raise awareness of the effect of irresponsible waste disposal.

fact: 1 in 4 people take visible action for nature, we will create the social tipping point required to reverse nature’s devastating decline, bringing everyone into new, healthier and more sustainable ways of thinking and living.

We work in partnership with organisations across the Yorkshire to drive change, sharing our expertise so more can participate in the circular economy. As well as collecting waste, we create sustainable strategies for UK organisations to prevent and reduce waste, helping them to redistribute surplus and recycle or recover more

Charitable donations and  sponsors  don’t just help the recipients; they also stimulate the local economy. When you give to a local charity, you’re not only supporting the cause but also contributing to the financial health of the community. This creates a cycle of prosperity that benefits everyone involved. as a Yorkshire based company we strive to help our local areas and  surroundings making Yorkshire a greener cleaner environment.

In a world that can sometimes feel distant and disconnected, giving to a local charity and helping the community  offers a powerful antidote. It’s a reminder that change starts at home and that each of us has the power to make a significant impact on the lives and areas around us. So, the next time you consider contributing to a cause, think local and watch as your generosity sets off a ripple effect of positive change in your community. 

We are trying  building a network to build  ambassadors across Yorkshire to help us inspire and support even more people to make a meaningful and long-term difference for nature at home, in their community, school or place of work.


If you would like to become part of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, visit their website or if you would prefer to make a donation, you can do so via clicking the button below.